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 T-67 The Last Capital of a Mighty Nation, Buyeo & Gongju (Daily)
Tour number : T-67
Price : 190,000won / $190 / per person
No. of people : minimum 2person
Time : 7:00 ~ 22:00
Conditions : Guide, Transportation, Pick-up service, Entrance fee, Taxes
► Price 
190,000won / $190 (minimum 4person)
*270,000won / $270 (minimum 2person)

► Itinerary
Day 1






Hotel Pick-up
Busosanseong Fortress
      (Baekhwa pavilion, Goran-sa Temple, Nakhwa-am Rock)
Baegmagang River
Buyeo National Museum
Gongsanseong Fortress
The Songsan-ri Tombs and Royal Tomb of King Muryeong
Drop off at Hotel

► Conditions

* English Speaking Guide
* Hotel pick up Service, Transportation 
* Entrance fee
* Taxes

► Remarks
* No shopping center

► Description
Busosanseong Fortress 
Busosanseong Fortress (Historic Site No. 5) is a mud fortress located on top of Busosan Mountain (alt. 106m) in the northern part of Buyeo. The fortress is estimated by some to have been built around 538 AD (16th year of King Seongwang) to protect Sabi (now Buyeo), which was once the capital of the Baekje Kingdom. Other historians, however, believe that the fortress was already in place by 500 AD (22nd year of King Dongseongwang) and modified in 605 (6th year of King Muwang) into the structure we see today. In either case, some parts of the fortress were reconstructed during the Unified Silla Kingdom (676-935 AD) and modified again in the Goryeo (918-1392) and Joseon (1392-1910) eras.

Baegmagang River
Baegmagang River (백마강), which literally means ‘the largest river in the Baekje Kingdom’, refers to the 16km-long Geumgang River.

There are many historic sites all along Baegmagang River, which flows around Mt. Busosan, including Cheonjeongdae Altar (천정대), where important national affairs of the Baekje Dynasty were determined, Nakhwaam Rock (낙화암), Joryongdae Rock, Gudeure, BusanㆍDaejaegak Pavilion, Jaondae Rock and Subukjeong Pavilion.

Buyeo National Museum
First established in 1929, the Buyeo National Museum was reopened in August 1993 at the current location. The museum has 4 exhibition halls and an outdoor exhibit with a total of about 1,000 relics on display.

The Prehistoric Hall presents representative relics from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age found in Buyeo and nearby Chungcheongnam-do area. In the History Hall, most of the exhibited relics are the remains of the Sabi Era of Baekje. The Sabi Era (538-660) was when the culture and art of the Baekje Kingdom was prospering. Buddhist statues that are well-known with ‘the smile of Baekje’ welcome you with big smiles in the Buddhist Art Hall. Numerous stone remains such as Buddha statues and stone pagodas can be found at the outdoor exhibition area.

Gongsanseong Fortress
Located in Gongju-si, Gongsanseong Fortress is a mountain castle which was established during the Baekje Period (234-678). The castle is about 2.5km long, and there are two ways of touring the castle. One way is to start from the parking lot, pass the west gate, Geumseoru, and walk along the cement road. The other way is to turn left at the beginning of the cement road and walk along the top of the castle, which is called Sanseong Road. The cement road is very smooth and you can walk along it comfortably. On the other hand, Sanseong Road has many twists and the passage is narrow, but it has the advantage of following along the Geumgang riverside.

The Songsan-ri Tombs and Royal Tomb of King Muryeong
The Songsan-ri Tombs and Royal Tomb of King Muryeong (reign 462-523) contains representative relics of the Baekje period (234~678). The Songsan-ri Tombs contain the graves of kings from the period when Baekje's capital was Gongju, and it is believed to contain 10 such graves. Only seven graves have been discovered so far.

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